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International Real Estate Investment Advisory Services

FLAGROUP.COM consult for clients who require investment advisory services in Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Real Estate Markets around the globe. These services include:-

Finding Buying Opportunities
Acquisition Strategies
Asset Management
Structured Assets
1031 Exchange Buying
Special Projects, - and much more.

Supported by a team of international researchers and detailed econometric forecasts and statistical analysis from every major real estate market in the world, FLAGROUP.COM provides timely, accurate, and dynamic advice to help clients increase returns while decreasing risk.

For more information and to take advantage of our unique services, please complete the Online International Real Estate Investment Advisory Request Form.

Corporate Real Estate Services

FLAGROUP.COM approach to corporate real estate services is based on its understanding, learned through experience, that occupational clients desire, and often require, access to its entire range of property advisory services through a single source.

All skills - including facilities and infrastructure management, real estate financing, property taxation, investment advice, exclusive buyer representation, valuations and due diligence advice, relocation services, and more - are available to FLAGROUP.COM corporate clients.

FLAGROUP.COM consultants are trained and experienced in delivering strategic business planning advice and workplace solutions. With this information, they can help you target performance-driven implementation programs.

FLAGROUP.COM goal is to give its corporate clients consistency of service throughout the world along with the confidence and understanding to seize market advantage wherever the opportunity resides.

Complete our International Corporate Real Estate Services Online Request Form now and assure your company of our leading edge services.

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