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Thank you for choosing FLAGROUP.COM to help you find and buy real estate abroad. Buying real estate can be a challenging endeavor even in your own country. Buying in another country can be absolutely intimidating. FLAGROUP.COM makes the challenge easier and more profitable. The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) offer a brief guide to buying property abroad.

First step is Inspection visit:

You would never consider buying real estate outside your country on the basis of a photograph. Besides the real estate itself, you need to inspect the surrounding properties and see how they are used, visit the town center, tour points of personal interest, talk to residents, and much more so that your ultimate decision will be made with knowledge and wisdom.

The inspection visit starts at the major airport of your chosen country, you will be taken to the hotel that FLAGROUP.COM has booked in advance for your convenience. Then you will be taken to FLAGROUP.COMís client service office in the region and introduced to the Broker in charge. The Broker will explain to you how to buy real estate in that region, along with the legal requirements and all other details. Utilizing the detailed information from FLAGROUP.COMís Corporate headquarters about your real estate preferences, financing needs, and other specific requirements, the Broker, over the course of your visit, will show you a selection of real estate available in the region. Before departure you will be advised on the type of gear you would require depending on the region and time of the year.

How much time will I have to make up my mind?

You will have plenty of time to make up your mind. Before you even leave home, you already have an idea of what you want to buy so you may decide quickly if this new real estate matches your needs. After that, a local tour will tell you if you like the area as well. Many clients find their match soon after they arrive on their visit. Others require the entire visit. In either case your FLAGROUP.COM local Broker will always be available and at your service throughout your stay to help you through each step of the process.

When I see the real estate I want, what happens next?

An earnest money deposit of ten percent (10%), in the form of a bank draft, will remove any property you want to purchase from the market. The bank draft is payable directly to the Broker in charge of FLAGROUP.COMís Client Service Office in the region. With FLAGROUP.COMís assistance, you arrange a mutually convenient schedule of stage payments with the Seller and the reservation contracts are drawn up. If, for some reason, you change your mind about purchasing the real estate, you simply repay your draft into your bank when you return home.

What sort of people buy properties abroad?

As technology makes the world seem smaller and the farthest corners of the globe more accessible, companies and individuals can now select real estate from throughout the world. The range of choices is infinite depending on the whole multitude of preference factors: style, price, interest, business and leisure, and more. Companies and people from all works of life are now attracted to other countries.


Mexico and Brazil offer lower costs of living, cheap labor, and warmer climates to United States companies.

The Caribbean Islands and Spain provide healthy atmospheres, relaxed lifestyles, and warmer climates to individuals looking for vacation homes and rental properties.

The United States, because of its fast-growing economy, is attracting real estate investors from other countries.

If you are looking for a permanent or seasonal residence overseas, you may want to avoid the commercialized areas. However, if you are purchasing a rental property, you need to look through the eyes of a tourist.

The majority of our clients are Property Corporations, Property Developers, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Real Estate Investors buying commercial properties for investment purposes (e.g. Hotels, Apartment Complexes, Office Plazas, Warehouses, factories, Resorts, Casinos, Golf Courses); Multi-national and International Corporations (buying commercial and industrial properties for their corporate use), Government Agencies, International Non-governmental Agencies, and wealthy individuals with exclusive tastes who require residential property that most others can only dream of owning (Villas, Mansions, Estates, and Islands), for holiday or permanent residence.

What about after sales services?

During the inspection visit, FLAGROUP.COMís client service representative will explain about the local area and services to you. He will inform and arrange the following services if necessary:

Car hire at the best rates.
Title deeds procedure.
Payment of utility bills.
Bank accounts.
Maintenance of the real estate.
Medical, household, and car insurance.
Property rental, resale, and cleaning.


The Realtor (real estate agent) that accepts a "listing" is the Sellerís Agent. The Sellerís Agent is legally obligated to obtain the highest price possible for the Seller.

Can the Sellerís Agent protect the Buyerís Interest? No! The Sellerís Agent protects the Sellerís interest.

Who will protect the Buyerís Interest? FLAGROUP.COM will. FLAGROUP.COM negotiates with the Seller and the Sellerís Agent to obtain the best price and terms for the Buyer.

FLAGROUP.COM owes the Buyer the following:

100% Confidentiality
100% Obedience
100% Accountability
100% Disclosure of Information
100% Expert Skill, Care, and Diligence

FLAGROUP.COM belongs to the International Network of Real Estate Agents called "Exclusive Buyersí Agents." An Exclusive Buyers' Agent is always on the Buyerís side.

That is the service you will receive from FLAGROUP.COM.

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