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Termites . Plugged drains. Faulty and leaky structures . No property is perfect, but some have enough hidden flaws to make an apparent good deal a major disaster! How does the untrained eye tell the difference?

Through the real estate inspection process.

Types of real estate inspections include general real estate inspection, termite inspection, well inspections, septic inspections, drainage inspection, a structural engineer’s inspection, and several others. Valuation, however, is not a real estate inspection.

FLAGROUP.COM strongly recommends that our clients in every country employ licensed Real Estate Inspectors to inspect any real estate they want to purchase.

The duration and cost of any real estate inspection vary according to the size of the property and the extent of the inspection.

Another factor determining the cost of any real estate inspection is the economy where it is located.

If you would like to be recommended to a Real Estate Inspector anywhere in the world, please fill out this Form.

All over the world Title Companies provide insurance policies to protect policyholders from defects and liens on real estate titles.

The Title Companies also provide a neutral location for the closing.

The costs of Title policies vary around the globe but on the average are one percent (1%) of the purchase price.

If you would like to be recommended to a Title Company anywhere in the world, please fill out this Online Title Company Request Form


The success or failure of your real estate investment anywhere in the world is determined by the professionals you choose to represent you. You would have successfully completed the first phase by choosing to have FLAGROUP.COM, "Exclusive Buyers’ Agency," represent you in the search and negotiation phases of your transaction. Other professionals you should consider choosing to facilitate your real estate buying experience include:

An attorney
Several real estate inspectors
Surveyors and Engineers

FLAGROUP.COM has established professional contacts with individuals in these fields all over the world and can refer you to them.

If you would like to be recommended to any of the above professionals, anywhere the world, please fill out this Online Professionals Request Form.

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