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Exclusive Real Estate Buyer Representation

Exclusive Buyers’ Agents are licensed real estate brokers and agents who for moral, ethical, and practical reasons choose to represent buyers only. All FLAGROUP.COM brokers and agents are International Real Estate Exclusive Buyers’ Agents.

Partner Program

FLAGROUP.COM is a premier provider of Online International Real Estate Strategies and Services. Our comprehensive program of services address the business requirements of International Real Estate Investors/Buyers. In order to strengthen our leadership in the field, FLAGROUP.COM forms Partner Program Network with select Real Estate Brokers around the world...

Investment Advisory Services

Supported by a team of international researchers and detailed econometric forecasts and statistical analysis from every major real estate market in the world, FLAGROUP.COM provides timely, accurate, and dynamic advice to help clients increase returns while decreasing risk.

Real Estate Valuation Services

Drawing on their vast knowledge of the key global real estate markets, FLAGROUP.COM highly skilled valuation experts can help clients bring Buyers and Real Estate together, anywhere in the world. The content of each appraisal is delivered in the form that best suits the client’s needs. 

Real Estate Buyers Resources

Termites. Plugged drains. Faulty and leaky structures. No property is perfect, but some have enough hidden flaws to make an apparent good deal a major disaster! How does the untrained eye tell the difference?

Financing and Mortgage brokerage

FLAGROUP.COM consultants trained and experienced in the International Real Estate financing will package the best available financing for you. Current financial strategies that use the real estate as security are available in the USA, Canada, European Union..

Real Estate Buying Guide

You would never consider buying real estate outside your country on the basis of a photograph. Besides the real estate itself, you need to inspect the surrounding properties and see how they are used, visit the town center, tour points of personal interest, talk to residents, and much more so that your ultimate decision will be made with knowledge and wisdom..

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Why Flagroup

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Disclosure of Information.
Expert Skill, Care, and Diligence.
Flagroup.com saves you money and time
protects your interests 100%

There are many benefits to joining the FLAGROUP.COM Partner Program Network. These all boil down to:

Client Referral - We farm, cultivate and acquire clients worldwide; you harvest our clients in your exclusive territory.

FLAGROUP.COM was founded on two-part principle:
We farm, generate, cultivate leads and acquire clients.
We refer the acquired clients to our Partners worldwide, for harvesting.
As a member of FLAGROUP.COM Partner Program Network, you can spend your valuable time harvesting clients and collecting checks, without having to find them. It doesn’t get much easier, or more profitable. Details
Real estate properties at flagroup.info
Great homes available in the Caribbean and USA

Great Home in the Caribbean, Florida, Hawaii, Spain and others!

Let us help you find it with the

Best Terms
Best Financing
Best Servicing for great residential properties
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Our International Commercial Real Estate Investment Group's focus is in hand-picking great commercial properties in the United States, the America, the European Union...

Real Estate Investors, developers and property corporations we invite you to take action now.

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