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FLAGROUP.COM is a premier provider of Online International Real Estate Strategies and Services. Our comprehensive program of services address the business requirements of International Real Estate Investors/Buyers. In order to strengthen our leadership in the field, FLAGROUP.COM forms Partner Program Network with select Real Estate Brokers around the world. The resulting synergies allow us to offer better services and provide access to the most advanced targeted solutions available.

The benefits of joining FLAGROUP.COM Partner Program Network:

Client Referral - We farm, cultivate and acquire clients worldwide; you harvest our clients in your exclusive territory.

FLAGROUP.COM was founded on two-part principle:

We farm, generate, cultivate leads and acquire clients.

We refer the acquired clients to our Partners worldwide, for harvesting.

As a member of FLAGROUP.COM Partner Program Network, you can spend your valuable time harvesting clients and collecting checks, without having to find them. It doesnít get much easier, or more profitable.

Using the latest Internet-based cyber marketing strategies the twenty-first century has to offer, FLAGROUP.COM system has been received enthusiastically throughout North America, European Union, Japan, Canada, and Brazil. Join FLAGROUP.COM Partner Program Network today and start representing our International clients in your exclusive territory.

Increased profits

FLAGROUP.COM refers at least two clients per month (depending on location and business fluctuation) to each member of its Partner Program Network worldwide. These clients are International Real Estate Investors buying large investment properties, that begin at five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000).

Through the Exclusive Buyer Agency commission contracted by FLAGROUP.COM and the client, FLAGROUP.COM earns 5% of the Sales Price = $25,000:

(i) FLAGROUP.COM share of the Commission is 60% = $15,000

(ii) Partnerís Share of the Commission is 40% = $10,000

Based on an assumed minimum of 24 referrals per year: $10,000 x 24 = $240,000 minimum profit per year for you, with no additional overhead.

Partner Program Extranet

FLAGROUP.COM Partner Program Extranet is an internal corporate website filled with information for the Partner Program Network. It is a secured site that requires a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and password to enter. Using FLAGROUP.COM extranet, you can gather all the vital information, referrals, products, and services you need to increase your productivity. Download corporate and industry information instantly and customize it to meet your needs. Find referrals for your area. Place orders with suppliers. All done easily, quickly, and inexpensively.

New interactive features help you take advantage of services that FLAGROUP.COM has to offer:

Interactive message board

So you can network with other members of the Partners Program.

Cutting-edge Estate news and statistics

So you can advise your clients on real estate strategies and services.


State-of-the-art FLAGROUP.COM training offers pre-licensing tutorials, post-licensing seminars, and continuing education. The planned excellence program promises Partner Program Members the best possible start in the partnership.

Continuing education includes workshops and seminars on every real estate-related topic, as well as dynamic, well-known guest speakers for sales rallies and conventions.

Both the new and the veteran realtor understand the need for initial and on-going training. FLAGROUP.COM does, too.

Other benefits of FLAGROUP.COM Partner Program Network.

  • New sources of income.
  • Association with International Brand Name.
  • No royalty fees.
  • Opportunity to operate your business from private office.
  • Freedom from franchiser pressures.
  • Management training and business services.
  • Expanded professional services.
  • Excellent referral system with no initiation fee.
  • Special cutting-edge seminars and business conferences.
  • Discounts on office equipment and supplies.
  • Effective buyer-broker presentation.
  • Comprehensive start-up package.
  • Partner Program Application and Evaluation Form


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