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International Real Estate Financing

When you purchase real estate anywhere in the world outside your country (e.g., European national wishing to purchase in the United States or United States nationals wishing to purchase in Europe) and you wish to make payments using the real estate as security, FLAGROUP.COM consultants trained and experienced in the International Real Estate financing will package the best available financing for you. Current financial schemes that use the real estate as security are available in the following regions:

United States, Canada, Mexico, European Union, Eastern Europe, Japan, Far East, Australia, New Zealand, South America, the Caribbean, Gulf, Middle East, South Africa, North Africa.

Mortgage loans are available to purchase real estate anywhere in the world. Ask us for written details. Capital raising to improve real estate is also available.

Important Notes
Exclusive Financial Arrangements" and Competitive lending terms.
Option to arrange the mortgage protection policy (if required).
Competitive Administration and Arrangement fees.
Personal advice to you directly on practical and legal aspects of purchasing and financing real estate overseas.

For further information please complete our Online International Real Estate Finance request Form below :-

Click here to complete our Online Residential Finance Request form.

If your interest is in International Commercial Real Estate, click here to complete the Commercial Real Estate Finance Request Form.


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